About Me

I am a Tarot card reader and Reiki Master. I recently moved to Oakglen, Bellville in Cape Town South Africa. I have always been interested in the tarot and in the unknown. I have the following decks that I use for my readings: Tarot cards, the Angel cards, the Fairy Cards, The Archangel Cards, The Dolphin and Mermaid Cards, Normal Playing Cards, the Shapeshifter Cards and my latest deck, the Unicorn Deck. I do my readings in person and on the internet.

As a kid, I have always known that there is more out in the universe then we know. I saw things that I could not explain until much later. I have dreams that come true. I work with my guides and the Angels and meditation is a very important part of my life.

My husband Lourens and my daughter Veronica is also Reiki Masters and we practice it together. I use Reiki on my family and on my animals. I am blessed to have a husband who encourages me in my work and a daughter who share the same interest then me.