Candles are a powerful tool used to enhance meditation and amplify healing energies. Before using a candle it should be cleansed of any negative energy. This can be done by saying a prayer or a blessing before lighting it. The colour of a candle has it’s own vibration that is released and magnified when lit. Once you use a candle for a specific purpose it should be dedicated to that same use. This allows the vibration of the candle to strengthen and prevents conflicting vibrations from occurring.

Colors and Their Properties

White: Protection, spirituality, truth, sincerity, peace, purity and power. It also strengthens the effects of another candle when burned together.

Black: This color is very powerful for protection and absorbing negative energies that are either picked up unknowingly or purposely directed towards a person. This works best when burnt in conjunction with a white candle.

Red: Sexual love, sexual potency, energy, courage, passion, desire, strength, drive & health.

Orange: Joy, creativity, attraction, law, encouragement, spiritual attainment, kindness, compassion, ambition, career matters, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation.

Yellow: Intellect, imagination, memory, clairvoyance, persuasion, charm, confidence, joy, comfort, creativity, learning, attraction, diminishes jealousy.

Green: Money, luck, prosperity, , charity, personal growth, fertility, healing, serenity, harmony.

Greenish/Yellow: Sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord.

Light Blue: Tranquility, meditation, inspiration, occult, wisdom, understanding, patience, relationship harmony, protection, healing, devotion, sincerity.

Dark Blue: Impulsiveness, depression, changeability.

Indigo: Openness, developing ESP, spiritual growth, self pride, ambition, clears impulsiveness and depression.

Violet: Spiritual growth, developing ESP, power, sentimentality, clears sadness, depression, pity, guilt, tension.

Purple: Spiritual growth, material health, higher psychic ability, spiritual power and idealism, ambition, progress, developing ESP, healing, combating disease and infections.

Pink: Love, affection, romance, friendship, success, honor, truth, understanding, morality.

Grey: Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate.

Silver: Clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition.

Brown: Good for healing, cleansing and protecting animals, physical objects, residences. Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality.

For Specific Needs

Balance Emotions & Mind: All colors of the rainbow
Broken Heart: Light blue or green
Calming: Green
Circulation: Blue or purple
Concentration: Yellow
Confidence: All colors of the rainbow
Confusion: Yellow
Cramps: Red
Growth of all kinds: Green
Hair Growth: Purple or violet
Headaches: Blue or purple
Infection: Purple
Low Sexdrive: Red
Lung problems: Green or blue
Patience: Blue

Protection From Other’s Emotions Circle of white candles

Relationship Harmony: Blue or green
Reproductive Organs: Red
Spine Problems: Yellow
Spiritual Growth: Indigo, purple, violet
Stomach Problems: Yellow
Strength: Red
Universal Healing Colors: Blue, white and green