Oracle and Tarot Readings

By using oracle and Tarot cards for your personal reading, specific questions can answered relating to your relationships, career and any other issues. The cards will reveal the truth, not always what you will want to hear, but always helping you to reach your full potential and the best possible outcome.

I use several oracle and tarot decks for readings. I have the following decks:-

  • Tarot Deck
  • Unicorn Deck
  • Shapeshifter Deck
  • Mermaids and Dolphins Deck
  • Messages from your Angels Deck
  • Archangels Oracle Cards
  • Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards
  • Gypsy Witch Cards
  • Normal Playing cards
  • Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
  • Fantastical Creatures Tarot

I will choose the deck or decks according to which I feel will best answer your question. I sometimes use more then one deck to do a reading and I also work with my guides when I do a reading.
Please do not ask me for the lottery numbers as a reading is not going to give you the numbers. Readings are to help you make decisions. A person’s destiny may be to experience many life lessons and if you stare yourself blind against some information, you could miss out on important life lesson. Remember that nothing is cast in stone. You could change your life’s mission at any time.

As I take pride in performing quality readings, I can only do so many a week as sometimes a reading take up to 2 hours. The readings are on a first come basis and must be paid before I do them.

In addition to being a Tarot Reader, I am also a qualified Reiki Master.