Psychic communication with animals

Animal communication is used by psychics for channeling dead pets, Reiki attunements, balancing family and pet energies and general holistic health of both. You can use the same methods yourself with time and practice, you may communicate with your pet/ dead pet/lost pet.

Learning to communicate telepathically with your animal friends isn’t as hard as you might think. Most animals are very inquisitive, friendly creatures and will usually readily communicate with humans. It’s easier to communicate with our pet animals than it is to communicate with wild ones as our familiar animals have come to know and trust humans being a part of their lives (for the most part). Wild animals tend to not trust humans, so they can be more difficult to “talk” to although not impossible.

Your animal friends may be hard to “hear” at first. I think because we don’t realize that we’ve always talked to them! It is just so subtle, and so natural that we really don’t even notice we’re doing it! For example, you think to yourself, “my dog is thirsty, I should get him some water”, perhaps your dog just told you he was thirsty! Or you walk past your dog on a nice summer day and feel like you should walk him….well, perhaps he just asked you to walk him! These communications are so subtle that you don’t even realize it. You just think that these are your own thoughts. Most of the time your animal is sending you these thoughts to communicate their needs to you. Generally the communication comes in the same way your thoughts come so it can be a small challenge learning to distinguish the difference.

Building on the idea of these natural and subtle communications begin to purposely look for these thoughts or impressions coming into your mind when you are around your animals, or even when you are away from your animals but thinking about them. Just see if they are sending you messages and be conscious that they might! When a thought comes to your mind don’t dismiss it as your own. Do not force any ideas into your mind, just let them happen. You will either see something like a picture or a scenario play out in your mind (like a short film) of what they want, or you will just know what they’re saying fairly instantly. It will come to you like an impression, a thought, a vision, a feeling, an instinct or as an idea. Other times you will feel their pain if they are hurting and will feel their illness if they are sick. And once in awhile, with some practice, you will even hear their voice in whatever language you speak, talking to you with human words!

If by some small chance you get absolutely nothing from your animal then please don’t get frustrated and think of giving up. Make sure to relax, don’t try too hard and let the communication happen. Believe in it being simple and natural and that you can do it. Most likely you just overlooked it. It could also be that perhaps they just have nothing to say! Maybe they are just so well looked after that they need nothing from you at the moment. If this is the case you can try asking a couple questions to try to prod them into talking to you.

You don‘t even need to be in the same vicinity as your animal when you communicate with them telepathically. In fact, it might be easier to go into another room and not be looking right at them as it can be distracting. Begin by saying your animals name in your mind. Say it without moving your mouth or tongue at all. Say it in your mind using only your inner voice; forget you have a mouth for the moment. This is the hardest part of communicating telepathically. Sending the messages properly can take some practice. Animals haven’t lost this instinct as we humans have so it’s more difficult for us. Talking in your mind without the use of your mouth isn’t what we normally do. If you like to talk to yourself using your inner voice then you’re in luck, this makes talking to animals a little easier! It’s a different voice but will sound the same in your mind as it does out loud. Visualize clearly what you are saying. If you are saying you love your animal, visualize scratching, hugging and loving them and feel the love for them. If you are asking about a red ball, visualize the red ball clearly. This is the essence of telepathic communication. The clear visualization and clear intention of the communication while using your inner voice.

Next is the listening or receiving part of telepathic communication. Once you’ve asked a question by sending a telepathic message you have to clear your mind and wait for the response. Remember this can be very subtle and very quick. An image, a small movie in your mind or feelings and images. They could come very quickly upon sending your message so it’s important to just take what you get even if it seems crazy! Write down what you get right away on a piece of paper. Whatever images, thoughts or ideas come to mind immediately after asking the question are potential responses from the animal. If you have mind clutter, this will be a difficult task for you! It’s best to be in a quiet room away from the animal or at least a distraction free setting to practice in. This way it’s easier to clean out the mind clutter and hear, see and feel their responses.

Some good simple questions to start out with are:

1. Is there anything you need that I can get you or help you with?

2. What is your favorite food? (if you don’t know already)

3. What is your favorite toy?

4. Who is your favorite person?

5. Do you dislike any people?

6. What is your favorite game?

7. What is your best memory?

8. What is your worst memory?

9. Do you feel okay or do you have any injuries or pain?

Since we usually know the answers to these questions because we know and love our animals, it helps to practice on other people’s pets who we don’t know very well. Friends, family and neighbors pets are good choices. You can ask the questions, write down the images, impressions, thoughts and feelings you get from their pets, then ask them to gauge your accuracy and give you feedback.

There are some initial things you should do when speaking to all animals, especially other people’s pets because they don’t know you. First you need to have some manners and introduce yourself. Say in your inner voice, “Hi, ‘animal’s name’, my name is _______ and I’d like to talk to you today, will that be okay with you? Then speak of their familiar human so they feel they can trust you. Say something like, “Your mom, ‘name of human mom’ said she would like it if we talked” Or, “Your friend ‘name of human’ said you might like to talk to me?”. With all animals, whether yours or other peoples, remember to have respect and ask nicely for some conversation. Treat the animal as your equal, not a subservient creature. Feel reverence and kindness towards them and project genuine friendship and they will be happy to communicate with you. If you approach the animal with disrespect, feeling you are better than them you won’t get very far as they will most likely refuse to talk to you.

Some things to remember when talking to the animals is that they do not live by human ways, nor do they care of human rules or lifestyle other than the rules you have imposed on them to live happily and safely with you. Rules such as peeing on the carpet and not chewing the furniture or running onto the road are things they can learn to respect eventually. But other human ways are hard for them to understand. They don’t understand our fear of death and are not attached to this world and their current body as we are. They know they can talk to you just as easily from the “other side” as they can living in their body! They don’t understand our lust for money and wealth; as long as they are comfortable, fed and loved they are happy. They don’t understand when humans want to hurt other creatures or each other for no good reason. The only reason animals ever hurt each other is out of protection of self, competition for territory or mating, out of hunger and rarely, out of fear or misunderstanding. What animals do understand is their destinies, living in harmony with nature, deep spirituality, and true love better than most humans do. Be prepared to learn a thing or two from them! Speak to them telepathically, in their language and you will have a loyal friend for life!

Communicating with your animal telepathically has some great advantages. Once you’ve learned how, you can talk to them on the other end of the planet just as easily as the next room. You will also open your mind to the possibility of communicating this way with the wild animals, plant life and most importantly your fellow man living here or in the spirit world. Open the door to your infinite perceptions, learn telepathic communication with your animal friends!

(Author: Melanie M Metzger, Also known as AnnuMela on the Book of THoTH).

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